Soul Stripper

Francesca Anfossi, Steve Bishop, Olivier Blanckaert, Bas de Wit, Benny Droscher, Jack Duplock, Wouter Feyaerts, Caron Geary, Patrick Goddard, Matthias Groebel, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy & Andres Laracuente, Andrew Mania, Arif Ozakca, Thomas Raat , Corrado Sassi, Veronika Veit (tbc)
16 -30 April,
Opening Party  Friday 18th April 8- late
Fri-Sunday 2-6pm and by appointment

Project Midi in association with curator Charles Danby are pleased to present a group show of international artists.

Soul Stripper takes its title from a Heavy Metal song by AC/ DC from 1974. Just like their sounds have returned into the i-pod collections of today’s generation, so the canon of modernity and post-modernity have returned to the works of contemporary artists, re-re-mixed with a new set of cultural references and casual recollections, to computer games, animations, music and all that happened since 1910. Soul Stripper presents a mixture of wall-based work, sculptures and a solitary video piece, all of which pay homage to the culture of the 20th and 21st century, all the while celebrating a return to so called traditional media.

The video Melt in the Sun, Freeze Underground (2006) by Matthew Lutz–Kinoy & Andres Laracuente is an hour long endurance performance with video-music intros and spontaneous, but not necessarily brilliant, musical interventions. Nor are they meant to be, it is a tongue- and- cheek documentary of mass media, both knowing and selflessly un-self conscious. Most of all it is fun. The remaining works highlight tendencies of drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, dealing with the hedonistic and the forbidden, referencing a contemporary openness to psychological concern and celebrating the liberalism attached to referencing a century without recourse or throwback. High in energy these are the innovations of a still-young century.

Purposeful amateurism is mixed with highly skilled practice. Modernist codes of surrealism, constructivism and conceptualism nestle between quotations of a post-technological age riddled with implausible outcomes and synthetic codes. Barefaced seduction sits with a counter-celebration of low –fi aesthetic, the languages of art, fashion and gothic fantasy are unleashed afresh.  

The artists shown are making pace today in collections, institutional exhibitions and galleries. The exhibition celebrates the inclusion of an international gallery programme at Art Brussels, marking diverse sources the works are seamlessly bound by a singular thread, that of unleashing an unconscious of today. Soul Stripper defines a temperament of soul-searching within today’s multi-layered, cross-threaded maze of information. It lays bare the thoughts of a generation struggling and succeeding to locate stasis within an overkill of production and reproduction.  

The works delve into fake and real dreams…catapulting each to the jaws of art and activity.
The project was initiated by Projet Midi, a temporary exhibition space in the centre of Brussles. It was realised with the contributions of the following international galleries: Aeroplastics/ Brussels, The Agency/ London, Vilma Gold/ London, Figge von Rosen/ Cologne, Transit/ Mechelen, Rokeby/ London, Upstairs/ Berlin and the artists.

PROJET MIDI, 3 Rue du Rectangle, 1080 Brussels, + 32 488 345 788 ,
For further information please contact  or,