DIVINE INVASIONS / 2006 / 9min59sec / 2006 / 16:9 PAL
Sounddesign by Alexander Peterhaensel, music tilia + miuk. Starring Leo Rauch.

`Divine Invasionsī is an anonymised biography of the American fiction author Philip K. Dick. Everybody is talking about him but his name is carefully erased. Two concurrent sections of the screen contain an imperceptible 3D information, the constant reflection creates an electronic prayer mill: a method of remembrance.

For most of his life PKD could hardly survive on writing science fiction - literature for consumption is not too well paid and it is hard to handle money if you are half crazed on drugs anyway. How could it happen that his work, that is often more than borderline to conspiracy theory, could acquire a firm position in the bloodline of the counterculture and become a major resource for Hollywood movies simultaneously? There is no answer, but that is the quintessence of Pop.

Leo Rauch does not look like PKD at all. I got my idea of PKD from reading his books. He wrote no biography, so I look at him through a mirror of text. From my point of view, the photos of PKD that I have seen do not look like him at all. They look like there is a guy who is wearing a mask.

The usage of found material for the soundtrack is another reference to Pop. All those little snippets of neighbors, friends, ex-wives and colleagues talking about PKD come from a TV feature. I did not use them just as they were, they were sliced and mounted and transformed by music and sound design to carve out that sensation of endless repetition.

The footage for DI was filmed with a 3D video camera. There is one image for the left eye and a slightly different one for the right eye. I placed those to images next to each other by digital manipulation. It would be pretty easy to create a device that allows you to watch DI in three dimensions, but I have not build one. I prefer to see it flat and widescreen with the image iterating. I also like the idea that there is an additional dimension that remains invisible.

oh yes, he was a great self mythologizier -
if he ate dog food itīs because he enjoyed it!